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Gamme Macarons Cigale Doree Sirha Lyon

Cockles of Macaroons

Discover our range of macaroon shells with a soft texture that comes in several formats and flavours. Ready to be garnished with ganache or simply used as decoration on ice creams and desserts, they will contribute to the success of your creations !

Decorate your pastry creations with our macaroon shells!

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Product Advantages

  • Saving time for implementation: ready to be filled,
  • 3 standard flavours: Almond, Raspberry, Chocolate,
  • Premium quality of your creations: Colours and natural flavours of the shells to combine with your scented ganaches,
  • Multitude of applications thanks to the formats offered: gourmet coffee, dessert, decoration…
  • Standard sizes: diameter 35, 40 or 69 mm,
  • Product development according to your specifications,
  • Loss control: packaging in cells,
  • Stock management: ambient or frozen range.

Our range of macaroon shells

Coques De Macaron La Cigale Doree

Standard fragrances

Almond, Raspberry, Chocolate

Standard formats

Diameters : 35, 40, 69 mm

Macaron Marseille Grossiste Fabricant

Implementation advice

Soft texture of the hulls in frozen range (immediate) and ambient range (after 12 hours in the refrigerator).

Suggested presentation

Decorate your pastry creations with our macaroon shells

Date of Minimum Durability

9 months

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