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Usine Fabricant De Savarin Baba

The Savarins

“Formats that adapt to your ideas”

Make delicious babas from our pure butter savarins. Savarins are dry pastry bases, ready to be soaked and garnished to make traditional Babas.

Did you know that baba is one of the top 6 favorite cakes in France in front of cookies?

Revisit the classics of French pastry, thanks to various formats for all your creations: Individual or family dessert, buffet cocktail, gourmet coffee…

The high quality raw materials are rigorously selected and are guaranteed free of colouring agents and additives.

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Product Advantages

  • Multitudes of applications : gourmet coffee, dessert, buffet, cocktail, glass,… 9 differents formats
  • Meets consumer requirements : pure butter or vegetable fat recipe,

  • Customization of the offer : product development according to your specifications,

  • Ease of use: with or without a box,

  • Made without additives, without colouring agents.

Our range of savarins

1- Mini
2- Lunch
3- Pastry chef
4- Square
5- Restoration
6- Family
7- Mini Plug
8- Plug
9- Brewery stopper

Available with or without boxes

Grossiste Savarin Baba Fabricant Biscuit
Grossiste Fabricant Savarin

Gourmet ideas

Baba Raspberry Pistachio : Soak the savarins. Garnish with whipped cream, raspberries and pistachio chips. A delicious dessert that is easy to make.

Baba of the islands : Soak the savarins with rum syrup. Add a vanilla whipped cream and a few zests of orange and lemon confit.

Minimum Durability Date

The Minimum Durability Date of our savarins is 12 months.

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