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Feuille Genoise Nature La Cigale Doree

Sponge cakes

Sponge cake is a light and soft cookie with a beaten dough that is used in many desserts. As an example, it can be used to assemble Mokas, Operas, Black Forests, Strawberries or Pear trees.

We offer 3 types of storage (fresh, fresh bag, frozen) with DDMs adapted to the user.

Our technology allows us to avoid the use of alcohol for preservation.
We have a wide range of formats, round or event, and a wide range of diameters, from 14cm to 32cm! We also offer you sheets and frames to prepare your desserts for cutting.

The texture of these spongeoises is particularly soft and easy to cut, with a flavour close to “homemade”.

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Product Advantages

  • Multitudes of applications thanks to the many formats available : sheet, disc, plate, round molded….
  • Premium quality of your desserts : soft texture of the sponge cake, easy to cut,
  • 2 standard flavours available: natural or cocoa,
  • Product development according to your specifications : consult us,
  • Stock control : several types of conservation: fresh, fresh bag, frozen.

Our sponge cake ranges :

1- Round Genoise
2- Genoise plate or 1/2 plate
3- Heart Genoise
4- Nest Genoise
5- Log stem sponge cake
6- Disc Genoise
7- Leaf Genoise

Standard fragrances

Nature, Cocoa

Genoise Fabricant Grossiste Distributeur
genoise marseille grossiste fabricant

Gourmet Idea

Make classic French pastries, like this delicious strawberry tree !

You can also use our sponge cake to make Mokas, Operas, Black Forests, Strawberries or Pear trees.

Implementation advice

Congélé : 3 h de décongélation à 4°C
Sachet Fraîcheur ou en Frais : Utilisation immédiate

Date of Minimum Durability

Frozen : 12 months
Freshness Package : 120 days
Fees : 22 days

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