Crumble dough

La Cigale’s crumble mix is ideal for verrines or as a dessert base. Take your crumble batter out in advance, let it defrost for a few minutes and add pieces of fruit such as apple to your verrines for a classic crumble. For a more modern and fancy crumble, we suggest you topping the cocoa crumble dough with chocolate chips on a chocolate pear verrine, for example. Use our crumble as a base for a caramel/pecan cheesecake or on an ice cream.

With its homemade taste, add a crunchy touch to your preparations. Ready to use, enjoy a warm dessert by reheating our crumble or let it defrost. A little tip! Don’t hesitate to decorate your desserts with generous portions of crumble.

Our range includes two flavors: plain and cocoa/chocolate chip, and is available in different packaging (ambient or frozen) in bulk for the catering industry. Easy to use and made from simple, quality ingredients, use the ready-made crumble to make delicious desserts in minutes.


Bring a crispy touch to your sweet recipes; sprinkle this already baked and ready-to-use crumble dough on ice cream, in a verrine or to prepare a base for a dessert.
Taste of “homemade”: crispy with pieces.
Possibility for manufacturers to develop a specific crumble dough.

Topping or base ingredients.

Available flavours:
Nature, Chocolate chip cocoa, Hazelnut oatmeal.

Recipe idea:
Verrine of fruit salad and its crumble.


Flavour Plain Cocoa and chocolate chips
Quantity/Parcel : 2 kg bulk
Storage method : Frozen -18°C
Recommended use : Defrost for 1 hour at 0 to 4°C, then sprinkle or use as a dessert base.
Minimum Durability Date 365 days
Made in France