The KØN: the nomadic sandwich


Newcomer in the Street Food world, the KØN® is the first cone-shaped bread to be filled to create hot or cold, savory or sweet sandwiches.

Made in France in our production factory in Gémenos, from simple and healthy ingredients, this snacking cone is part of the La Cigale snacking range. It can be varied according to your inspiration or regional specialities (chicken-pesto, tartiflette, ratatouille, kebab, burger, pizza, salad, chocolate-banana and even a soup!) with which it is filled, with the KØN® there is something for all your customers’ tastes. This product from the snacking range can be reheated in record time in the traditional oven, in the Merrychef oven or in the oven.

The cone-sandwich will perfectly find its place in the bakeries and other snacking areas of your customers. It can be defrosted in advance and filled with a hot or cold filling. This innovation with the good taste of oriental bread will delight your customers at any time of the day and on any occasion (brunch, buffet, meal…).

Made from simple ingredients, its recipe is even suitable for vegetarians. Hot or cold, filled with a sweet or savory preparation, make your choice! The KØN® will offer your customers gourmet moments in a few minutes.

Easy to eat and does not require any packaging to be consumed (zero waste).

Our innovation is the winner of the Snacking d’Or 2021 in the “Concept-product” category.



KØN combines the gourmet potential of bread dough with the universal pleasure of an ice cream cone.
Easy to hold and eat, it can be garnished in an instant with all the preparations: hot or cold (salad), liquid (soup) or solid (pizza, chicken, burger…).
Quick to implement, you will love it!
Heats up quickly in the microwave with its reusable holder.
Easy to eat and does not require packaging to be consumed.
Specific recipe according to your specifications – consult us for study.

Recipe idea:


Mixed salade

Fresh cheese salmon


Dimensions 6 cm of diameter – 16,5 cm of height
Quantity/Parcel : 30 + 2 cardboard supports for presentation
Weight 80 g
Recommended use : Warm up your KØN before tasting.

See product documentation.

Minimum Durability Date 365 days
Made in France