The artisanal tulip is not a cake or a dessert like any other. It is a ready-to-fill cake, created to combine the pleasure of the eyes and the pleasure of taste thanks to a traditional recipe and an exclusive shape. Its name comes from its original shape resembling the flower of the same name.

This delicious hand-folded tulip, for a quality presentation, is made from a dough composed of simple and healthy ingredients. This vanilla flavored dessert can be enjoyed with chocolate mousse, fruit, chestnut cream or simply with whipped cream. You can add mini speculoos pieces or sprinkle with La Cigale crumble, to conclude this moment at the table with a delicious sweet dish.

In the range of ready-to-fill products, the tulip is the easiest to use and can be stored for 180 days in the ambient environment. Palm oil and preservative free, the tulip is also ready to be sprinkled with chocolate for a more gourmet dessert!


A delicious artisanal tulip folded by hand for a quality presentation.
Garnish the tulips with chocolate mousse, fruit, chestnut cream and whipped cream.

Recipe idea:
Ardèche tulip.


Flavour 55 mm
Quantity/Parcel : 60
Weight 30 g
Recommended use : Ambient range – Ready to use.

Chablonnez the chocolate tulip (kept 48h in the fridge).

Minimum Durability Date 180 days
Made in France