Macaroon shells

La Cigale’s macaroon shells are ideal for decorating your pastry creations, your iced desserts in record time, or simply garnish macaroons. The dough of our macaroon shells contains only natural colors and flavors. Make macaroons with various colors and flavors. Almond, raspberry or chocolate, all formats and flavors are possible (according to specifications and conditions)!

The macaroon is one of the pillars of French pastry. La Cigale has developed macaroon shells with a simple and healthy recipe. Available in 35 or 69 mm, our macaroon shells are available in ambient or frozen.

This ready to fill product is created from a dough with a recipe that can be modified according to your desires. Our range is packaged in alveoli in order to bring you a product of the best quality.

You are free to create multiple desserts with these shells. Individual, religious, decoration for cake or real macaroons, let yourself be tempted by the different implementations of this ready-to-fill product that will delight your taste buds. With this product, enhance your meals by adding an elegant touch to all your desserts.


Ready to be garnished with ganache or cream, or simply to decorate your pastry creations and frozen desserts.
Combine the taste of your ganache with the already present scent of our shell.
For manufacturers: Possibility of perfumes and specific diameters from 30 to 69 mm according to your specifications – consult us for study.
Packaging in cells to protect against breakage.

Available flavours:
Plain, Raspberry, Chocolate.

Several types of conservation:
Ambient or frozen.

Recipe idea:
Raspberry lime macaroon.


Diameter : 35 mm 69 mm
Quantity/Parcel : 224 units 64 units
DDM (ambient) 10 months 18 months
Recommended use : Freeze : 2h of defrosting between 0°C et 4°C

Ambient : 24 hours at fridge

Made in France