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usine la cigale doree gemenos grosssite fabricant biscuit agroalimentaire
usine fabricant de savarin baba

La Cigale Dorée at your service

Created in 1964, our company, specialized in the manufacture and sale of pastry biscuits, is located in Gémenos in the Marseille/Aix-en-Provence region. Michel Bohé, its manager since 2004, has been able to breathe new life into this SME, which is now focused on creativity and a passion for gastronomy.

Our company offers 7 product families :

Sponge cakes – Savarins – Babas – Les P’tits Creux

Macaroon shell – KØN – Crumbles


They are available, according to our customers’ needs, in ambient, frozen or protective atmosphere and in many formats. Our specialities are intended for food manufacturers, wholesalers and professionals in the mass distribution of pastry products.

We develop and market ready-to-fill and savoury and sweet biscuits ranges for pastry chefs, restaurateurs and industrialists. Our ambition: to develop and offer a range of pastry solutions for professionals who can customize them according to their creativity and expertise.

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